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Marko Tadić_ I Speak True Things

Ana Kutleša

Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic is pleased to present the solo exhibition by Marko Tadic, the winner of 2008 Radoslav Putar Award. The exhibition titled "I Speak True Things" presents a series of the artist's new works - drawings, video-installation and an artist-book, which together form a coherent unity, gathering at the same time diverse formal approaches the artist had used in his previous work. Archetypal (u)topos of myths and legends, novels, itineraries and scientific discussions, the Island is the symbol of the travel into the unknown, the unreachable goal of the explorers. The story begins like many other stories about the Island, but develops into a number of possible narratives and fragments of many other other stories...

Drawings on old geographical maps evoke works from the "Souvenirs" and "Envelopes" series, the video consisting of animated chalk drawing on the board formally follows "The Black Ouija Bord", and the artist's book, consisting of postcards that repeat the motif of maps and combined with text, is ,in itself, a variation of the theme of previously exhibited author's books. Tadic chooses the back side of postcards for the beginning of the story. By appropriating existing syntagms and adding new ones, he creates a collage of associations, motifs and situations about the archetypal theme of the Island, the (non-)place of literature, philosophy and science. This fragmentary narrative continues on the space-time level through the exhibition - in the video-installation and on the level of playing with the sign in cartographic interventions. Semiotic-symbolic play with a dose of enigmatic atmosphere and search for the unreachable truth, as the constant backbone of Tadić's work, is present also in "I Speak True Things", in a complex, ambiguous and open web of relations of the sign, story and space.

Source: Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery

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