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In 1991 Wendy W. Luers, founder and director of Foundation for Civil Society together with Chalupecky Association had established a prize for the young visual artists up to 35 years of age in Czech Republic

The Award was named after a prominent Czech art historian, Jindrich Chalupecky who died in 1990. His friends, among which Wendy Luers and Vaclav Havel, have initiated this award from friendship and respect to Chalupecky. Until today, simmilar awards exist in 12 european countries.

Today the Chalupecky Prize has become one of the most prestigious "places" in Czech contemporary art, and has become one of the most valuable professional references to the former winners, not only in Czech Republic but also at the international art scene.

A prize named after another great art historian, Oskar Čepan, had been established in Slovakia in 1996 and originally named Slovakian National Art Prize, but was renamed after Oskar Čepan in 2001, when Soros Center for Contemporary Art Slovakia took over its organization.

Radoslav Putar Award in Croatia is the 3rd on a row of newly established awards in Europe. With it Croatia got its first and only annual national award for young visual artists, in row of simmilar awards in CEE and the Blakan region.

The Award is named after Radoslav Putar, eminent art historian, critic and curator, who by his effort significantly directed Croatian culture towards the contemporary visual arts language.

It was followed by the awrds in Kosovo: The Artit of Tomorrow, Serbia: Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos; Macedonia: Danes established until 2003, and in 2006 in Bosnia & Herzegovina: Zvono, and Slovenia: The Award of Group OHO.

Next to be established are awards in Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania.

YVAA (Young Visual Artists Awards) was established as an international network of simmilar awards during 2006.

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