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Leo Vukelić

Born 1972 in Zagreb. He has studied at Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb and has graduated at Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf.

Artist is researching the medium of photography and executes his works as photo collages, billboards and space installations after processing them digitally. He is deconstructing the medium of traditional painting by using ink-jet technology.

He exhibited frequently in Croatia and abroad, and is one of the prize winners at 27th Salon of the Young Artists.

Import Export

       |  dimensions variable, mixed media

        The work comprises of two parts:
       |  video "Import Export", 6:50 min,
       DVD video projection
       |  commercial inscription "Gastartbeit"
       on passenger car,
       Scotch tape 120 × 60 cm

With this work I am trying to set the relation between the real and the utopian space.
My real space of working is represented by the artistic phenomenon Gastartbeit, which I introduce by commercial inscription on the car. By irregular inscription, the colours of the letters, and the fact of placing the inscription on the car I allude to the multilayeredness of the phenomenon itself.

I construct my utopian space as a reflection to the real one and I place it in the gallery where the travel on the flying carpet is presented. Stills form video Import-Export 02, 09, 12, 16.

Import Export
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