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Tina Vukasović

Tina Vukasović has finished gymnasium "Vladimir Nazor" in Split. In 2011 she completes undergraduate studies in painting with professor Nina Ivančić and in 2013 she graduates in painting under the supervision of prof. Nina Ivančić and assoc. prof. Viktor Popović, along the theoretical mentoring by doc. PhD Blaženka Perica. Since 2013 she works as a project coordinator at the Fast Forward in Art Gallery in Split and participates as a curator on the project "Punta Arta - The island map 2" on Zlarin. She is a member of the art group Waiting and group Untitled. She is a member of HULU Split since 2014 and exhibits at solo exhibitions since 2012.

Fiasco - holiday
   greetings! Ida 5

       2013 - 2014
       |  mixed media

(fimo polymer clay, aluminum foil, cloth, plastic pool, water, chairs, old dolls parts), variable dimensions approx 150 x 150 x 150 cm

The project I'm working on is called Ida - multiplied self-portrait: the body as spatial painting and the question of the notion of ghostly. This is the doll Ida 5 in a work titled Fiasco - holiday greetings! It consists of a doll equipped to go to the beach and of a pool in which she is soaking her feet on the terrace of Galženica galleries in the middle of summer. She is not made with the intention of being hyperrealistic cast nor to be completely anatomically correct. Spooky feeling that she causes is momentary. Through the doll Ida I question my position / position of a subject in the world, and through that, also my reflections on the role of art today.

Naziv rada | Tina Vukasović, godina
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