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Tanja Vujasinović

Born 1974 in Zagreb. After she has finished gymnasium and musical school, she enrolled Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, where she graduates in 1999. She has completed MA studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

In her work she uses various media including sculpture, installations, photography, video and sound. Since 2000 she is member of HDLU and HZSU. She lives and works in Zagreb.

Her recent works offer complex narratives of psycho-social reflections of collective frustrations and memories. She is trying to point to memories of universal experience, which we all pass through.

Creating intimate, often hypnotic atmosphere, she is subtly requiring the viewers engagement through consciousness and recognition of own experience in the exhibited one. Her works are small intimate debates which draw the viewer into self-reflection.


       |  video installation, 3'55''

"Award" brings three personal, intimate stories of people who have, in a certain moment of their lives lived (according to them public, but more than that, personal) failure, meaning not receiving the expected award, as a confirmation of their qualities. Their totally different reactions are some of possible ways of how to bear the universal frustration of failure, by regretting, negating or isolating from the problem.

Notion of the award is here used as a starting point of this work, but it ends only as a metaphor of success, while the content of short, intimate monologues is generalised and reduced to pure emotion.

Newly established situation of bare monologues drwas the viewer/listener in self-reflection, enabling him/her to recognise own experience in some (or in every) of offered confessions, and to interact with the work...

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