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Marko Vojnić Gin

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb 2007. In 2008 has enrolled in doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. He has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, and some of his works are in museum collections. In 2010 he was at the residency program of Flux Factory in New York. For his work so far he has been awarded several times. He exhibits at solo exhibitions since 2002.


       |  sandpaper on canvas, 90 x 90 cm

Two days before the deadline to apply to Radoslav Putar Award in 2014, I came across a concert of Damir Avdić. The song "Son" hit me as being a young father and it was a trigger for the application. (...) With Gregor (my son) I do not have much time for painting but I have plenty of time to think. Each painting I contemplate for a long time and I realise it in very short term. (...) The paintings are simple, at first glance the texture is important, physical rather than symbolicall dimension, the absence prevailing although the intimate part of it is hidden in the title. The horizontal line on the screen is for me the ultimate act of freedom. (...) To Gregor I wish all the freedom which I still have. My thoughts are now focused on him, but I'm not going to paint his portrait but an intimate picture titled "Son". "Line" (vertical strip of sandpaper glued on canvas) is a dedication to my son for his future, but it also was the result of many years of friendship with Eugen Feller. A line that I most talked about with him, and that over the last five years. And there it is. Sandpaper is here part of Eugen, of textures prevalent in his paintings. (...)

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