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Zlatan Vehabović

Zlatan Vehabović has graduated painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, in the class of prof. Keser in 2006 and he is currently at postgraduate studies at Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb. He exhibits since 2005 and is already a winner of several awards for his works which are in collections in Croatia and abroad.

In several of cycles of his paintings, of very large formats, and composed of one or multiple canvases, Vehabović is all the time closer to the narration and themes that are narratives. Topics of his paintings are related to films, texts, books, music and poetry, and he is telling of events which are on the edge or just over the edge of what we consider conventional as possible or human, and on the limit of danger and catastrophe.

The Last Minute

       |   oil on canvas, 230 x 160 cm, 2008

Live to Tell

       |   oil on canvas, 150 x 250 cm, 2009

"The Last Minute" and "Live to Tell" are works related to my growing interest in possibilities of researching problems of narration within painting. This interest stems from my study of dramaturgy, events related to the theatre and film, which deals with structural problems of composition and representation of key elements of action. As in the film industry (...), I tried to apply this basic principle to the medium of painting medium, and I have initiated a possible continuation of work "The Last Minute".

Finally, when I speak of the links of dramaturgical elements of the film and narratives as generators of the story, I would say that is what connects the medium of film and these two paintings is the same genre: speculative or a bit more precise utopian and distopian fiction.

Live to Tell
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