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Marko Tadić

Born 1979 in Sisak. Hehas studied at Accademia di belle Arti u Firenzi. Has exhibited on 6 solo exhibitions and in row of group shows. He was awarded fellowships in Austria and USA.

In his work, very often, he uses objects which are having clear function. By his intervention he gives them new meaning in the context of art and in a way, he brings them back to life. Only now, the objects get new meaning and communicate about themselves and about the contexts within which they appear.

Most of the objects he uses have had emotional or material values (like souvenirs and kitch objects from households).

The Black Ouija Board

       |  animation, 2' 23''
          technique: school board and chalk

During the spiritual sitting the medium falls in a kind of trance in which spirits totally overtake his/hers body and through it communicate with others in the room. Exactly because of that trance, it is impossible for the medium to remember what was in reality going on during the sitting, and therefore each medium had own assistant who is carefully noting what happened during that particular sitting.

As various materialisations appear, voices and sounds, appearances of human forms, levitations, and transpositions of media, both physical and psychically, it is impossible to record every detail, so the records may appear confuse, unclear and slightly abstract.
This film is such a document.

The Black Ouija Board
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