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Lana Stojićević

1989 - Šibenik, Croatia.
2012 - Graduated painting at the Arts Academy at the University of Split, Croatia.
2015 - Member of the Croatian Association of Artists.
Lives & works in Zagreb & Split. Croatia

The Black Hill

       |  video still

Provided that landscape is considered as a factor that influences the life of human population, what is the impact of contemporary, artificial and dangerous post-industrial landscape on human population? In 2010., nearly 200 000 tons of industrial waste were placed in the middle of Donje Biljane village in Ravni kotari, more precisely, the silicomanganese slag known among local population as the Black Hill. Instead of being deposited at the waste dump, this slag was placed in Donje Biljane due to its renaming from "waste" to "raw material". (...) Personal experience of growing up in Šibenik, near the TEF factory, where I lived during the problematic slag disposal, inspired me to research spatially widespread and long term consequences of the TEF factory. Although starting points of this multimedia project were issues of industrialization and deindustrialization, under the influence of ethnology, main focus is now pointed at the modern treatment of rural areas and the impact of the Black Hill on rural and extremely fertile area that had never had any contact with industry.

Naziv rada | Lana Stojićević, godina
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