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Goran Škofić

Goran Škofić has graduated at Art Academy in Split, at the Department for Visual Communications and Design in the class of prof. Dan Oki, after completing The School of Applied Arts and Design (graphic design) in the class of prof. Ivan Obrovac. He exhibits since 2002. So far he already has been several times awarded for his works.

Nowadays he works almost exclusively in the medium of video. His work is about researching and interpreting the world we live in. He is focused to "abstractions" such as society, individual, interaction and coexistence.

Škofić says that he experiences the world through co called "contemporary media". It is really hard to believe to anything that hasn?t been filtered through on of the media. The body, landscape, sound, event, all is potential subject of manipulation and deformation. In order to get closer to reality and in order to interpret it, he is using electronically manipulated images and videos, which are irreplaceable frame for understanding of contemporaneity.


       |  video series
       |  DV/PAL, various durations, loop

My work involves examination, research and interpretation of the world we live in and the life we live. "Abstractions" such as the society, individual, interaction, coexistence?, constitute the focus of my recent concentration. How much the machine has taken the hold and how much has remained uncrushed yet? Can we allow ourselves the most vulgar possible reduction to function and operation? Those are just some of the questions crawling through the works.

In the video installation "Corpus", compiled from multichannel video recordings I treat my own body. Each single video represents multiplicated figure which performs one single action (working out in a gym, jogging, applauding in the concert hall?). Corpus is a reflection of the body, about the possibilities, multiplications, achieving the impossible, cloning, and subtracting of the humanity ? about the man machine. (...)

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