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Dragana Sapanjoš

Dragana Sapanjoš was born in 1979. She has graduated in 2004 at Fine Arts Academy Brera in Milan, Italy.

She exhibits individually since 2000.

" Coincidences that gain a meaning, the silence of words, and the scream that symbolises realisation and consciousness, have broken down into several uncombinable pieces of a jigsaws puzzle, embedded in a space that links this fragments of art work with the architecture that surrounds it.

The artwork reminds you of a container, depicting the nature of the space around it. A container of objects, things and people, in which the quantity of air varies according to the volume of its content.

Make Your Own Kind    Of Music

       |  sound installation, plaster walls, plaster
          mass, mice, sound, dimensions variable

This connection between container and content is related to my work, so much that the content, the audience, is described as any other material forming the piece of art.

In this way, the artwork is thus analyzed and perceived as wilful and appears to be animate, or at least strives to become so. An essential part for my research is the feeling...

The disturbing feeling of awkwardness that the sculpture evokes has also been an essential part of my research, and of the final result; be it provoked by the unclarity of the technological transmission, or by a more direct personal or emotional perception (which is evoked in the audience once the artwork comes to life). "

Make Your Own Kind Of Music
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