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Davor Sanvincenti

Davor Sanvincenti was born in Koper in 1979. He got his education at Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, Department of Psychology; European Institute for Design in Milan, studying interaction at the Department of Visual Media; Fine Art Academy Brera, Multimedia and at coustic-Informatics' Centre "Argon" in Milan, Italy, where he has studies sound design and media programming of art actions.

He exhibits since 2001. In past five years he has been awarded nine times for his works.

" (...) From the beginning of my work I was fascinated by conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions. There is no way to prove that all of us can experience a blue colour or a specific tone in the same way. However, according to different indicators, we get to conclusion that our perceptive apparatus are functioning in a similar way. Notices, observations and research that pervade the scientific and artistic spheres constitute the framework for my work.

Distant Intimacy

       |  audiovisual installation, 100x100x100,
         10' (loop)

My activity is diverging across three media: audiovisual installations (physical or interactive type), spatial interventions (in the urban and social tissue) and "live" media (audiovisual performances and concerts).

I am exploring qualitative and aesthetic possibilities of various media as a function of direct communication with the public (visitor, observer) by setting them in a position of questioning, discovering and expanding their own cognitive and emotional maps. (...)

My recent concentration is a continuous research in this direction of time-space poetics in an open dialogue with the human sphere of perception. The recognisable guiding principle that extends through my work does not exclude a tendency of "fresh" analysis and approach, as well as the choice to be manifested in any of mentioned media. The creation is rounded, just like life itself.

Distant Intimacy
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