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Igor Ruf

Igor Ruf was born in 1984 in Virovitica where he has completed high mechanical engineering school. He has completed MA studies at the Academy of Fina Arts in Zagreb in the class of prof. Stjepan Gračan in 2010. He has exhibited in Croatia and abroad since 2007. Since 2012 he is working as assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He lives and works in Zagreb. He was awarded several times for his work, including Grand Prix at the Sculpture Triennial in Zagreb in 2012.

Table with hills

       |  polyester resin, wood, mdf,
       |  table lamp, 260 x 207 x 150 cm

My artistic research deal with object - non-object relations and memory as the starting point for realisation of art work. In recent works I treat object as a construct of memory which we use in order to reconstruct past experiences, whether autobiographical or experienced through media such as film and music. (...) In the works from the series "The exhibition of hills, furniture and walking spaces", I deal with absurd mix of my personal fascination with everyday objects, so for example I take my childhood tables' function away and model hills over its worktop and drawers. "Factory follows me" is a sculpture consisting of a stylized representation of the legs of a non-existent animal and simplified display of a factory hall which contains a saw. (...) In "House of Tarzan's mom" I perform a musical performance inside of an object together with my vocal-instrumental ensemble of the same name. The object is constructed from memory of the house of Jelka Prpić, a woman from who was given insulting nickname Tarzan's mom by people of Virovitica due to her peculiar character. (...)

Naziv rada | Igor Ruf, godina
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