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Maja Rožman

Born in 1981 in Zagreb, currently senior undergraduate student at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Zagreb.

In her work she deals with the issues of intimacy and the relationship between the private and public space and content. She involves the viewers in the finalization of her work through the process of exchange. In other cases she catalogues and files her work like pieces in an exhibition.

"... the work involves mobiles* freely deployed within its space and the records as the result of the attempt to unify the data of mobile-subjects. I am curious whether (and to what extent) is it possible to manage the structured and the unstructured content within the pattern of the records and at the same time keep the uniqueness of the (art) work itself ..."


       |  installation: photograps, ink-jet print
       |  dimension variabile

The basic idea of this work was the observation of a person as a "perfect" form, and the attempt to catalogue him/her as a person. During the process of its creation the work took on various forms and most of them had a negative sign, because various persons and personalities were categorized and thus automatically and unmistakably reminded of institutions (psychiatric hospitals, prisons...).

In order to avoid that I made the forms which were filled by mobiles themselves and thus covered/uncovered their personalities. This procedure created a sort of anarchy within the strictly defined structure...

*mobile - the persons selected for the records were invited to the place of the exhibition and each was marked by his/her catalog number. They decided for themselves did they want to carry the numbers and where and for how long they wanted to carry them.

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