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Dina Rončević

She has graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design, Department of Textile and in 2010 has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, the Department of Animation and New Media. Women's Studies she has completed in 2009 at the Center for Women's Studies, and the same year has accomplished retraining for car mechanic. This experience and knowledge she has translated into the work "Suck Squeeze Bang Blow" which was independently presented in 2010.

She has participated in several events and projects, in Croatia and internationally. She works professionally in film animation, stop motion and pupet animation.

Naziv rada?

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"The main characteristic of my work is a commitment that articulates life, art and process as equally important in the work. Some of the questions that interest me while I structure the work are about body as a political - rather than own, the relationship of subjective and social according to the needs and fees for work and labo, especially from a gender perspective, gender identity as a social construct, and different ways of learning, knowledge transfer models. With starting point in feminism, my work is generally characterized by re-training as a car mechanic, which I did as graduate work at the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb in 2010. Given that I have a fetishist relationship towards mechanics, but am only allowed a partial access to knowledge and acting the filed, it is logical that I deal with those topics in a large amount and with ease. Having gone through the whole process in a very concrete way, I argue that the dealing with mechanics can outline some of the most important segments of the patriarchal society in which we live. A feature that is repeated in my recent work is teamwork. (...)"

Naziv rada | Dina Rončević, 2013
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