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Lala Raščić

Born 1977. She has finished School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb (1995.) and Fine Arts Academy of Zagreb in 2001 and Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten (2003./04.), in Amsterdam.

So far she has employed various media in her works, mostly video. Recently she is leaving the dominant medium of video and is oriented toward making narrative audio pieces and computer, vector drawings. She has exhibited in numerous group shows, video festivals and residencies, and has made 9 solo exhibitions. She has been awarded several times for her video projects. About her work she says: I am often searching to use metaphors from everyday life, literature and popular culture. I use them as easy recognizable concepts to which I add layers of other meanings. I am trying to give to my works the potential of an event, outside of intellectual interpretation, to communicate on the sublime level. Although based on the symptoms of Phenomenon Gotovina, in this work I am trying to touch more universal theme: potency of the unknown, invisible, Other, apparition in the construct of phantasm.

Invisible General:
   The Night of Iguana
       2006.  |  7 paintings,
       70 × 100 cm, watercolor on paper
       |  MiniDV/PAL/CB/mono, 9 min. loop

Phenomenon Gotovina, which lived not only in public propagandist and declarative space, but deeper as well, in collective consciousness, has given me the motive for the analysis of the politics of representation. The portrait photographs of the general, exhibited as a material of propaganda, have lost their function of the portrait. To us, his figure which only glimpses from the dark of politics or fogginess of the distance - in escape or in jail - in fact remains invisible. The image becomes metaphor. Furthermore, phantasmagoria which conceals the ?Invisible general? makes that figure subject of mythisation and erotisation. The work consists of seven most often reproduced photographs of general Gotovina. Video is a record of reading / interpreting excerpts from the book "The Storm after the Storm" (2006), erotic novel of the Sinaja Bui Šimunović in which she, through he role of the protagonist, dedicates to sexual encounters with Gotovina, at the time when he is searched for, by almost the whole world.

Invisible General: The Night of Iguana
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