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Livio Rajh

Livio Rajh was born in Zagreb in 1984. He has finished High School of Graphics and has graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in 2009 at the Department for Animated Film and New Media of Zagreb University, in the class of doc. D. Kreč.

" Works exhibited in 2009/10 and those in progress to be exhibited with the end of this year are all connected by digital treatment, investigation of the medium and various combinations of quotes (from modern era in art history till yesterday's phenomena). Close to the end of my studies I started to develop a serial method in work.

Consistent questioning of personal projects can abolish the quirk that started the process. Animations that I exhibited are also presented in continuous repetitions, as loop. In this way I could simultaneously work on several series that interested me. This serial works are grouped in a number of terms like: simulation, digital fact, market, confrontation of art doubles, etc. (...)

   (Sol LeWitt)

       detail, 2010
       |  inkjet print on paper, 40 x 40 cm (x7)

New situations in which I include certified values of Gallery space (in ways that are unique to an author - choice) are examples of a hybrid art that can form my position/opinions ("transfer risk").

Modification is not the right term for desired effect. For example, work Schulz Nauman Monet (24 Hour Artwork) while combining Nauman?s Chair installation with Schulz Container composition stands to add a presence of Monet. It does so with adjustments to the Solar System that prevents complete setting of the Sun in the 24 Hour cycle. While there is light picture can exist.

These plane definitions deducted from the abundance of visual/written matter are what attracts me to the work. It presents an effort to equalize the question "Why?" with "How?" "

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