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[ Silvia Potočki Smiljanić ]

SofijaSilvia [Silvia Potočki Smiljanić] has graduated art photography at FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic, and obtained her M.A. at Central Saint Martins Scchool of Art and Design in London. She exhibits since 1998, and her works are included in few private collections.

Here interest is to expand classical photographic form, cross its boarders and find her own form and poetics. She is interested in dynamics when exhibiting photographic works, give it a kind of "filmic" character, but in composition and juxtaposition of images, she wishes to work in a way she understands poetry.

Untitled (Brijuni)

       |  project in progress
       |  photos, analogue C-prints; 120x80 cm

(...) As I am approaching the island I am thinking of Thomas Mann, Gustav Klimt, Ludwig Wittgenstein?They have all stayed on the island. I am thinking as well of the islands history, of Romans, of even older civilisations who have left traces on the island. (...)

Set foot on the Brijuni is as stepping into the world of fantasy that physically exists around you.

(...) Three photographs that I present at this exhibition are some of the firs pieces of that mosaic: photograph of the inside of the island represents the status of the island, and two photographs of interiors of the rooms of Hotel Carmen, are preserved from the 50-ies and still hold the ghosts of the past. Photographs of the hotel rooms tell stories about people who have stayed on the island, and the photograph of the inside of the island?s forest serves as a window to the dream which was dreamt by Paul Kupelwieser, for which we still visit the island.

Bez naziva (Brijuni)
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