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Renata Poljak

Born 1974. She has graduated at Art Academy in Split and made her MA at E.R.B.A.N., Nantes, France. She won several international art awards. She exhibits since 1997.

She mostly uses video and photography in her work. Very often she herself takes part in her work as a protagonist or narrator. Starting from very personal, her work is now re-oriented more towards social and daily political issues or even activism, but still, she holds her own position in the image or intimacy in narrations.

As an artist she has changed her place of residency several times, what reflects in the selection of topics she bases her works on.

2 Channel video installation Ruta and the monument is based upon two situations which met by chance. It all started from short fiction, in Zagreb, at the beginning of the novel "Ruta Tannenbaum" of M. Jergović, which I put on paper and carried it with me for some time.

Ruta and the

       |  channel video installation, text, drawings

In Berlin, one morning around 3 a.m., I made 3 drawings based on the same story. The drawings in fact appeared on paper rather unconsciousness. Then I went to visit the monument. Drawings and text, with 2 projections, are constitutive parts of the installation.

(...) Monument which should "revoke" memories, emotions or similar reaction in mass tourist culture, searching for scandals, is totally banalised. (...) After she was taken for a journey by people from a tourist agency, Ruta, in a cattle vagon, imagines a cow licking salt from her feet. (...)

Underwater footage is taken to stress the "imaginary" memory, Imaginary space, and that is also self-referential context related to my previous work, where the sea and under water ambiance was used as an significant element.

Ruta and Monument
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