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Vedran Perkov

Born 1972. He has graduated painting at Art Academy Brera in Milan, Italy. He is now teaching at painting department of Art Academy at Split University. He is member of HULU, Split and HZSU; he exhibits since 1997 in Croatia and abroad.

In his work Vedran uses easy accessible materials such as plaster, cardboard or foil, creating the objects and space installations in the field of fiction which are suggesting usable, known and possible spaces and objects. He leaves them obviously unfinished and technically unperfected in contrast to associations of their possible use and function. He is critical towards the idea of progress, perfection, methods of modernism and ambitious presentations of perfection.

Title of the work is twofold - can be understood as a macho statement and in the same time it offers constatation of slight panic / Usage of colloquial language and slang to stress belonging to the same group /

We are only two men
   at the exhibition,

       |  sculpture, 70 × 60 × 40 cm (cca)
       |  pedestal, 60 × 60 × 250 cm
       |  plaster, styrofoam, wood, plastic

Work refers to relations burdened by social, sex and gender, ideological and traditional differences / Prejudices / Exclusivity of certain groups, intolerance, creating the system of values within those groups / The work is calling for dialogue between positions which mostly doesn't communicate mutually.
The Jury of this year's edition of Radoslav Putar Ward consists of five women who have selected four finalists among whom three of them are women / to be minority / isolation / problem of emancipation in hands of emancipated group.
On the other hand I apply typically male approach / producing the bust and placing it in the very center of exhibiting space / making it significant, creating it pompous / personality cult, heroism / falic form / totem, symbol of adoring / accentuated male position.

We are only two men at the exhibition, Radoslav | Vedran Perkov
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