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Tanja Perišić

Born 1982. in Split. Lives and works in Zagreb. Graduated sculpture from the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb. She was awarded fellowships in USA, Germany and Austria.

Her work is concentrated on researching the relationships between space, light and body in social contexts. She is interested how space and light, their forms and proportions influence perception of own body, understanding and emotional relationship towards space.

In her work, she is mostly using digital technologies, and thematically she is interested in sociology, urbanism, pop-culture and networks of political systems.

"Place of Living" is audio-visual system which is conceived by interaction of laser light, computer in communication with the system of optical sensors, and X number of visitors whose movements activate sound and establishes endless row of possible, always new, temporary variations/transformations of a "place".

Place of Living

       |  Sound and laser installation,
          dimensions variable

          Work production: Uradisam_ARTLAB and

" The ride went through smoothly: on Sunday morning it is no problem to drive from P. on highway A11. He didn't need to wait at the entrance; at D. he has paid the toll by a credit card, had circumvented P. by beltway and has driven to the airport R. by A1 road.
He had parked his car on level -2 (passageJ), inserted his parking ticket into the valet and hasted away to Air F. check-in counters. After he has delivered his suitcase, with the sigh of relief (suitcase had exactly 20kg of weight), he handed his ticket to the flight attendant, asking her for a aisle seat in a smoking compartment. After checking him in a computer, smiling flight attendant shake head without speaking and gives him his ticket back together with a boarding pass. "Boarding is in sub terminal B at 6 p.m.", she notices. "
                              Marc Auge, Non-Places

Place of Living
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