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Damir Očko

Born 1977. He has graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb 2003 and has exhibited by now at 7 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows.

During last year he keeps himself occupied by researching of the silence and intuitive virtuosity of other as well as by processes that are influencing his own work and concept. He explains: Common to all my works is a right to mistake: the need to develop and adapt system and escaping virtuosity of the author in material, (as my works often consist of resources of the others). Relying on processuality as an idea and as a procedure, he liberates the space to unexpected results of his own concepts and own artistic practice.

Both works take as a starting point the idea that it is possible to create a frame situation in which given parameters determine movement, but not the point of departure.

       2006. | video, 16´05´´

   m2 of Free Will
       2006. | site specific intervention, 1 × 1 m

In the documentary video Lesson, a performance of a kind, I have set Academician, sculptor Ivan Kožarić to a situation new to him - piano lesson. As an artist, after selection of the situation and main protagonists, I have stopped acting and I have let the situation develops by acting reflexively, in itself, based on the principle of reaction of anti-body to a new body in organism.

On the other side, work titled m2 of Free Will undermines the procedure or arranging and acting towards the own environment by canceling this procedure on m2 of unmowed down grass.
Through both of these works, being that in the reactor are introduced strong forms such academician Kožarić and Bach's "Finely Tuned Piano", or being it minimal intervention to public space, the idea of free will and partially by the artist uncontrolled process finds itself in the interaction of definite system and (non)intervention.

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