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Mejra Mujičić

Born 1973. She has studied painting at Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb and has finished the Animation Workshop by Zagreb Academy at Zagreb Film and Royal Collage of Art. She has exhibited at 8 solo exhibitions and a row of group shows. She has been awarded at 2nd Biennial of Graphic Art in Zagreb.

Mejra's works are concentrated toward questioning identity, equally her personal identity, or social and especially identity of space. She works with installations, performances and as an important part of the works she creates, she uses sound installations. Spaces she creates by new media are usually filled with her drawings of photographs. As a result, her work creates ambiences to which she likes to pay attention to the role of audience, the viewer, whom she likes to merge with the spatial creation. She says: Personal stories of identity and emotional reaction toward my double identity are centers of intimate acts of ritual washing or becoming bare and naked in a small and well known social environment.


       |  performance, video projection
       |  tin-plate vessel 250 × 200 cm,
       depth 4 cm, water, sound

Revealing own identity and need to become aware of one's self liberated from sediments from collective national, religious and gender identities, are dominants in my works of past years, expressed especially in performance Macha and ambiance 222.

The first of those works has been consisted of rinsing hands and feet where magical nuber 222 (date of birth) das been previously tattooed, and represented a private ritual of purification, in which private was treated as sacral. In ambience 222 I was trying to expose my own privacy in even more radical way. I enquired own identity through several strata of meaning and through appreciation of memory of place and earlier purpose of the space as a mosque, and I enquired in regard to several aspects of biographical facts - my name, family tradition, religion, gender roles. (...)

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