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Bojan Mucko

Bojan Mucko (1983) holds an MA in cultural anthropology and philosophy Faculty of humanities) and new media art (Academy of fine arts). As a researcher and the author, he is engaged with various projects within the platform for urban exploration of the Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research from 2009 onwards. From 2 to 2013 he was part of Shadow a Casters, Zagreb based group of the intermedia artists and part of the editorial board of the architectural magazine Man A Space. He is part of the organisation of the ETNOFILm Festiva (international festival of the ethnographic film). His research on the deterioration and massive closure of the business premises in the city center of Zagreb within the frames of res urbanae project has resulted with several multimedia exhibitions (Winter Stores Voices, VN Gallery Zagreb, 2009; Spaces of Identity, Spaces of Interaction, Spaces of Change, Modulor Gallery Zagreb. 2010) and publication Emptied in restitution, Zagreb: Heinrich Böll Stiftung & AIR, 2012). His papers and articles have been published in various scientific magazines and other publications (Man and Space, Studia Ethnologica Croatica, Zarez, Oris...).

Signs of a time

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I'll start with the dilemma about the terminology: is it artist statement about his own work or workers statement about his work or cultural workers statement about his own work? Choosing one of these options is a matter of identification or positioning. Considering my own activities so far, I have a tendency to be identified with the last one. "Cultural worker" because to be an artist, in precarious modes of cultural production, seems as almost impossible goal to reach, or at least, as imprecise description of my activities. "Work" as a moment of disciplinary hybridisation in my case hybridisation of cultural anthropology and new media art practices through different projects and collaborations within the frame of so-called independent cultural scene. Positions are changing from project to project and almost from month to month: artist, ethnographer, theoretician, TV journalist. Works that I present here are selected as examples of projects in which I tried to combine these different approaches in different types of media and formats under the paradigm of citizen-artist and/ or citizen-scientist.

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