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Niko Mihaljević

Niko Mihaljević has graduated BA and MA from the School of design at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb and he obtained another MA at Werkplaats Typografie, at ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. He is exhibiting since 2012 in his design and visual art works, in Croatia and abroad. He is currently Lecturer / Teaching assistant at the Department of Media design, University North, in Koprivnica. He lives in Zagreb.

Lion's Gate in
   Kačićeva 24

       |  intimate action, 16 A4 papers 84 x 119 cm

"Mea vita est feria infinita" (Latin for "My life is an endless holiday") was the title of my recent exhibition and an obscured manifesto of my, artistic practice based within the context of mundane rituals, leisure time and ontological studies of the everyday. My role is that of a subjective documentarist, a field sound recordist, a meticulous transcriber of banalities, a selfinvolved present-day archaeologist and, subsequently, a multimedia mythograph. The self-awareness present in my work serves as a device of both augmentation and detachment from reality, exploring the connection of original and recorded realities: small gestures, intimate ramblings, mundane routines and found objects are depicted as significant endeavours and preserved as contemporary relics, inscribed in the medium of choice, analogous to Sir Francis Bacon's dictum: these times are the ancient times. (...)

Lion's Gate in Kačićeva 24 | Niko Mihaljević, 2015
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