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Ines Matijević

Born 1982. She has completed her studies at Fine Arts academy in Zagreb, at the department of graphics and is now continuing her education. Until now her work was several times awarded.

She is occupied with social perception of women in the society. She is interested in transposition of forms and patterns from one to another context in such way in which she quotes the selected pattern and motive, reinterprets and translates it into acceptable and recognizable language of contemporaneity, the one of photography - which is used as a "collector" of facts.

The topics she chooses, she later transforms through various visual art media such as drawings, electronic media, sound... Motives are staged following biblical Old Testament or socially stereotypical situations.

Susanna and the

       |  drawing on paper, Ø 140 cm
       (under plexiglas, thickness 5 mm)

Susanna and the Elders is work problematising representation of woman in the role of victim, and is based upon Biblical text of Old Testament about a virgin girl who is an object of lust for two elderly men. In the same time the story is illustration of negative characteristics and acts, such as voyeurism, lust, obsessive adoring, sexual perversions, cheating, violence, those few where women have "main role". Drawing is made according to the photograph which is interpretation of development of events connected to the main object of lust, Susanna, although in contemporary version of the story, the sacral theme becomes profane mythology, obvious in several elements. Action takes place in the bathroom covered by old-fashioned ceramic tiles of floral pattern what replaces garden exteriors in traditional presentation of the same theme. Baroque and renaissance presentations of bodies are replaced by average contemporary counter-types. (...)

Susanna and the Elders
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