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Tonka Maleković

Tonka Maleković was born in Zagreb in 1982 where she has enrolled The School of Applied Arts and Design and Fine Arts Academy, where she has graduated in 2006, in the class of prof. Ante Kuduz at the Graphic department. She exhibits since 2003.

She has been awarded several times for her work: 1st Prize of Essl Award for Central and Southeast Europe in 2007, and one of three equal prizes at 43rd Zagreb Salon of Applied arts and Design.

" I'm interested in sites of (urban) space which stand apart from legitimacy, periphery spaces and phenomena of which I seek to discover the conceptual and aesthetic potential.

I want to explore in which way the political and cultural climate, economy, the mentality of people but also the weather condition and natural processes influence the surfaces of the city, its visual appearance. I search for spontaneous textures, arisen through processes of collective participation in a living environment.

Fountain City

       from series "Possibility of the City", 2009
       |  digital print, 50 x 66 cm

They a re sometimes a result of spontaneous city life through a period of time, or are provoked by me as an artist (Transsampling, Dispatchwork, Possibility of the City).

The method I often apply is extracting found samples from everyday surroundings, gaining their visual or plastic independence, sometime even through my own recomposing of the found elements or meanings (Quarantine, Urban Plastics, Collectress.).

Due to my interests in "art ecology", finding that art (system) today, in its giant production and web of galleries and museums, is a kind of ecological problem. I try to create works with minimum actions or materials. Except of exploiting found elements and contexts, the process goes further, towards deconstruction of the position of authorship, towards sharing or diminishing my role of an artist to the point where I just create and direct frameworks to be filled with spontaneous results. "

Fountain City
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