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Marko Marković

Marko Marković, born in Osijek, 1983. Graduated at UMAS, Split. Member of the bands Ilija i Zrno Žita. Organiser of performance festival Dopust (Vacations).

Some countries of the world are affected by simultaneous economical and political problems, and they are forming alternative cooperation in order to resist "higher" forces which are forming and manipulating people. Introducing what marks the life of "ordinary" people opposite of cultural and political "aesthetes", the categories of usual understanding which needs to be destroyed or re-formed get introduced too, all in order to show that thinking in wider spectrum is possible and that one needs to embrace what is not embraced by the original meaning.

Individual becomes collective, and local becomes global.

Exemplay suit

       |  performance

As in the majority of the countries affected by the current crisis, in Croatia too, the working class is in the least favourable position. Fighting for their rights, they unite forces on protests and fingt together against unjust systems and established conventions. Workers of wine factory "Dalmacijavino" and fabric factory "Uzor", both from Split, are just two our of numerous collectives sympathised by the individuals. After demonstrations, they unite their forces with the artist Marko Marković performing together at "Dopust" (Vacations) festival. While workers of "Dalmacijavino" sing "Where this ship is sailing", "Uzor" employees cut a suit for the artist and they read together their manifest "We want no mercy, we want to make our money ourselves!" Cutting the suit for the artist they wish to make a new cut for the society..Sending the artist to the world, dressed in an "Exemplary suit", as it should be, their message get materialised and spread.

Exemplay suit
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