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Ana Kovačić

Ana Kovačić is born 1986. in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2010 she received her Master's Degree at the Department of Sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia and in 2013 she received her Master's Degree at the Department of Animated Film and New Media at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. Since 2013, she is a member of Croatian Association of Artists and since 2014 a member of Croatian Freelance Artists Association. In her work explores the relationship between personal and collective memory, and the way in which the memory is inscribed in our bodies and the spaces in which we live.

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In my art practice, I study the connection between personal and collective memory and the way it is inscribed in our bodies and spaces which we live in. Space seems to share some characteristics with the body; space, as well as the body, testifies to lives, emotions, complex game of identity and relationships; and the traces accumulated over time are constantly recorded within the body, and it becomes a palimpsest. I use the memory so that what is gone I try to deconstruct and then reconstruct in a new way, leaving new traces and new meanings, exploring the boundaries of personal and collective, and on the boundaries of the documentary. While I collect documentary materials and translate them into artwork, it is important to me to keep in mind that at the same time I am both, the observer and the participant, (...). I build my work organically, they grow with time and with the relation to the people and space I work with. I experience them as something left of a certain process, whether personal or exploratory.

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