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Tea Ivković

She graduated in 2016 at the department of graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, in the class of prof. Mirjana Vodopija. The occupation which she deals with is the constant search for the problems and the process of solving with them. She considers work as the main mean of realisation of each individual.

The Archive of the

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The apartment has become a medium - my living room, personal territory. Chairs, tables and the bed are not present, I am showing glimpses of their physical forms in the space that alludes to mental space of abandoned ideas. (...) We often have to abandon some ideas and thus make them invisible, the act of abandonment stays visible. The time has the same effect on mental and physical space. Elements become pale and dusty and the space of ideas subjects to oblivion. The act of oblivion happens as a result of external factors of material deprivation. Physical space of abandoned elements as an analogy to mental space of abandoned ideas. The emptiness of content and the uselessness of forms is completed by reverse paintings of 'tapestry'. The paintings' front side is concealed with consciously controlled thread embroidment of the figurative display of linear spaces. Unconsciously, their rear side becomes apparent. Paintings' linear drawing is freed from the figurative display of a warm house ambient and it deconstructs the depiction of the 'front' side.

Naziv rada | Tea Ivković, godina
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