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Ana Hušman

Ana Hušman, born in Zagreb 1977. Has studied at the School of Applied Arts and Design and Fine Arts Academy in Zsgreb, Mltimedia department. Lives in Zagreb.

In this work I was interested in movement and the way camera records moving. How to record it with 16 mm camera or with video camera and how is it translatable into the animation. How to position the body in the "frozen image" and get the movement.

I tried the similar situation with the body. My own voice, female voice, I have tried to train, in order to be able to reproduce the specific intonation of the commentator to the match.


       |  color, pal, 3:3, 15'

I was trying to find the border between the suspense and a real enthusiasm the commentator experiences and the technique of using the voice. I was interested in a way the voice creates confidence and if there is at all a possibility that a female voice wins the confidence in this situation.

Selected event was a goal called "A Hand of God", scored by D.A. Maradona in FIFA World Championship in 1986. That was the first game played between England and Argetin after the Falkland War. In the 51st minute, Maradona scores using his hand, the judge oversaw it and it was 1:0 for Argentina.

That goal contains all I am interested in football and in the way in which it reflects social and political relations.

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