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Vojin Hraste

Vojin Hraste was born on 10 August 1981, in Šibenik. In 2006 he graduated sculpture from Fine Arts Academy (ALU) Zagreb, in the class of professor Slavomir Drinković. Having chosen alternative civilian service, he spent the next working as an assistant to professor Petar Barišić, at ALU. From 2007 to 2011 he was engaged as an assistant in the department of Sculpture of Arts Academy (UMAS) Split, and from 2011 in the department of Sculpture at ALU. In 2008 he embarked on a Ph.D. course, under the tutorship of professor Slavomir Drinkovic. In 2004 he was awarded University of Zagreb scholarship for talented students. In 2005 he won the annual prize of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for the best work at the exhibition of the final year students of ALU. In 20006 he received Dean's commendation for academic excellence and in 2014 the annual award of the Croatian Association of Artists (HULU) for the best young artist.


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Work is about revisiting the position of the artist in the Croatian art scene. My point of departure are personal experiences, personal existential fears and fobias, and my thoughts about status as an artist, which means that all of my recent projects have an autobiographical background. My works are large-scaled (even oversized), and this is so for a particular reason: Being large, they require some time to be walked around in order to be comprehended, engaging the observer longer than he/she may have initially planned. In other words, by making them large, I make them give me something that modern observers are particularly reluctant to give and that something is their time. Due to may early fascination with laconic and apparently simple artistic expressions, I am trying to develop a personal style which will with simple and rough production quality form a foundation that will be large enough to offer diverse interpretations on the part of the observers. Therefore, the frequent question that I pose to myself is: Could it be even more banal? Or How would the 'Ramones' solve that creative problem?

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