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Hrvoje Hiršl

Born 1982. in Dubrovnik. Graduated on the Art Academy in Split, the Department of Visual Communication and Design in 2009. Currently, he is attending graduate studies at the Media Art Histories Donau-Universität Krems, Austria, under the direction of Oliver Grau. Lives and works in Zagreb. Exhibits from 2010.

He is working in the field of cross media, inspired by the avant-garde movements and possibilities of the expansion of existing ideas. He is interested in great cultural narratives and the poetics of the impalpable; the reduction of the same to the visual elements, using them as a texture, as raw material for building his own work.

The base for his work is always a seemingly simple idea that opens the link in the entire universe and fragments. It deals with the notion of time, changes and how do we perceive them. He is investigateing the possibility of using the media as they are aggregate states of matter. Is it possible to state the vacuum, with no media, no transmissions, and what happens then? What is the sound of the media?

3 boje(RGB)
       |  video tryptich
       |  5'19''

The trilogy "Three Colors" of Krzysztof Kieslowski, is used as the basis of the work. By turning OFF individual color channels within the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color system, only the colors that are present in the immediate title of the film are left turned ON. White is achieved by including all color channels (R: 255 G: 255, B: 255), because of RGB subtractive color system. Films are then played simultaneously side by side, on three plasma screens.

The narrative is completely eliminated and the movies are only used as a visual element. Screens are mounted vertically and form colors of the French flag, which is also a symbolic base of the Kieslowski trilogy. By literally translating the theme of the trilogy and banalising the film masterpiece, a simple composition in the style of "Color Field painting" is being made.

3 boje(RGB)
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