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Tina Gverović

Born 1975. She has graduated at Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb in 1997 and Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht. She has already been awarded for her work and has exhibited at numerous shows. Work of Tina Gverović is continuous research of time, specific space and language, aiming to analyze mechanism of personal observations.
"Being connected with general changes which Croatia was passing has determined several key aims in my professional orientation, such as ideas of belonging to a specific territory and accepting fiction of state apparatus, or such as projecting images of social environment."

She uses various media from classical types of drawing and painting, photography, video or installations which will all make parts of the same works. Simultaneously she overlaps in her works fiction and narration, analyses and emotion, being in the same time herself present in the work or being the outside observer.

" One is liable to see things in maps that are not here. One must be careful of the hypothetical monsters that lurk between maps latitudes.

At First Sight
       |  2 acrylic paintings 90 × 125 cm
       |  2 pencil drawings 70 × 90 cm
       |  3 pencil drawings 30 × 40 cm
       |  text painted on the wall

I always have been fascinated by geographical maps and by the way in which they are helping us to comprehend certain positions. Observing them, we become only seemingly conscious about where we are, how distant from somewhere, how much time it takes to arrive there, and what language is there spoken. My works are occupied by the idea of imagined travels and in mutual connectedness they form a narration of those travels. There are drawn open spaces, deserts, open seas, and persons observing shores and open seas. Despite the fact that drawings present various, seemingly unconnected places, executed by pencil based on photographs, they give an impression of shadows which are records of an almost film travel. Works are occupied with the idea of local and close, places where travels still get mystified, where stories begin and where romantics and drama of arrival and departure is still present. Presented as romanticized fiction, the heroic and the epic in the travel gets idealized as the way of traveling which ceased to exist. "

At First Sight
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