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Predrag Pavić &

Marko Vojnić Gin

Predrag was born in Zagreb in 1982, where he has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. Has graduated in 2008, and obtained MA in 2011. During 2010 he got additional education at Moholy- Nagy Universtity of Art and Design in Budapest. He exhibits since 2009 and was several times awarded for his work.

Marko was born in Pula in 1980. He has graduated in 2007 at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, where he is now doing his doctoral studies. He often appears in public under name Bukanojz. He exhibits since 2002 and was more times awarded for his work.

Do Not Trust Anyone
   Over Thirty

       | mural, dimensions variable

We aren't an art tandem, duo or group, or however you might call this. We periodically perform some works, projects and exhibitions together. We have realized that in the moments of joint creations, our own artistic manuscripts change and works get new connotations that momentarily satisfy our understanding of reality and art. "Art is more real than reality" and we are "delighted that we are happy" and that we can channel our ideas together.

Do Not Trust Anyone Over Thirty:
Marko Vojnić Gin has applied to the competition for exhibiting on The Salon of the Young Artists with the work problematising the age limit for the participants. The theme of the exhibition is The Market. He decides to sell his work and the right to participate to Predrag Pavić, who himself didn't apply to the competition.

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