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Ivan Fijolić

Ivan Fijolić has graduated sculpture in Zagreb, at the Academy of Fine Arts. Earlier he has completed The School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb and exhibits since 1999. Several of his sculptures are exhibited in public spaces in Croatia and abroad, and his works have been previously awarded.

In his sculptural work he is using themes and motives which are recognisable stereotypes and general "big themes", executing them in various techniques, including the use of ready-mades as his own object or materials that, being used in performance of his sculptures, bring associations to other objects that the sculpture itself.

This work deals with ironical questioning of life and death of artist.
This work is my private settling of accounts with the institution of school.
This work is a story of childhood which lead to maturity.

Hopscotch, Monocycle

HOPSCOTCH, 2009; 250 x 82 x 6 cm; carved granite
(...) To take the path of "hell to heaven." Hopscotch player who reaches the sky, after a short break, must turn and return back to hell. Therefore, the sky is always somewhere else, and only a short stop on the road to hell. A game that symbolizes the education and preparation for the society in which we need to work according to the given parameters and we need to be useful to the society. (...)

MONOCYCLE, 2009; 150 x 40 x 40 cm; mixed media
Taking monocycle as a direct reference to Duchamp's The Wheel, I'm referring to the bare beginnings of conceptual art. I am mocking the art market where the artist who expresses himself in a traditional media of sculpture cannot easily penetrate, by the ironic detachment that squats in the title of the work. (...) These two contradictory symbols are (...) the metaphor of fight between Eros and Thanatos of a contemporary artists. (...)

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