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Karmen Dugeč

Born 1975 in Dubrovnik, graduated on The Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb and is graduating now on the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, department of multimedia.

The artist is occupied with he issues of power control and manipulation of intimate information; thinking about he passivity and inertia which she is presenting thorough the space installations. It the action work which is now in progress, she is questioning the relation between the individual and the barriers posed by the institutions.

She is one of the winners of the award at the Salon of Young Artists in 2004.

" I wish to reject my own surname being irritated by overvaluation of the institution of surnames. I wish to stress the importance of the Person, the Individual and his/hers Acting, contrary to the usual valuation and discrimination through the institution of the surname which implicates familiar, regional, national and religious affiliation, not to say "identity".

Project "Dada"

       |  action - in - progress
       |  parallel documentation of bureaucrat and
       non-official action
       |  video - 4 min, paper doc. - cca 2 m

Through two parallel actions of this change: institutional (bureaucratic, formal) and non-official (human, humorously formal) I reject so called family name or maiden name and I am taking the sign Dada as a sign of my truthful affiliation - dedication to art / life.

This "family name" I will not change through eventual future marriages. The process of formal change is, so far, stuck in the lack of comprehension / stiffness or autism of bureaucratic structures. But the fight is not over yet ? I tend to continue this process until I am entitled to choose the sign of my identity. "

Project "Dada"
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