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Nemanja Cvijanović

Born in 1972 in Rijeka, graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, Italy. He is currently taking his postgraduate courses at Facolta di Arte e Design in Venice. He resides and works in Rijeka and Venice.

In his work the artist establishes the connections with the events of the recent past (Antifascist struggle, revolutionary movements in the Third World). He brings the viewer in an intriguing relationship with memory, the changes in systems of values, propaganda, politics, consumerism and mass media.

The artist definitely declares that communication is his sole weapon and that it is by no means the art for the art's sake. His intention is to preserve the censored or the forgotten past by means of the aesthetics of the contemporary and historic styles.

XXI. Breath Rule
   (Trap for Veli Jože)

       |  installation: plaster cast of Tablet of
       |  steel, wood, rope, banknote of 50 Euro
       |  dimension variable

It is my intention to try to disarm every symbol that could become an argument for the production of evil such as patriotism (even the super local one), nationalism, xenophobia, racism, chauvinism. I desire to believe that we are still able to change the world by cultural action.

This is a work about the indecisiveness of a small community, destroyed and impoverished to take a position in a cruel and evil system - the invitation to revise the values suddenly established by media and laws, the dictate of imperium. This work tries to change the meaning of the symbol the ancient deed of donation became.

I think that it is imperative to change meaning of all symbols that become the arguments for manipulation (production of evil). Do you agree?

XXI. Breath Rule (Trap for Veli Jože)
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