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Dora Budor & Maja Čule

Dora Budor, born in Zagreb 1983 & Maja Čule, born in Rijeka 1984. They have both studied and Design department of Faculty of Architecture and Zagreb and School of Visual Arts in New York.

We bring to the "stage" everything that has already been shown, marked or written last on the shopping list, by what we construct scenarios in which objects become superior and take new roles. We take elements of the archetypal forms art forms and the everyday environment in which processes become invisible mutations, exaggerated, demolished, multiplied, witty or removed.
Use images downloaded from the Internet and taken out of the context in the way Renaissance painters have used eggwhite in their workprocess. The language we use is Pidgin English, a deliberate choice of this mutated mega language that creates an additional level of communication between the reality and hyperreality

Substitutes for
   Present Sense, 2010

Installation: lightbox with photo, 3 digital photoframes, fabric, ventilator, dimensions variable
1. Untitled With Parkett / photography (print on Kodak Duratrans), lightbox, 70x100 cm, 2010
2. Plain Air / film in digital photoframe, 9.2 min / 2010
3. UnStill Life / film in digital photoframe, 9.2 min / 2010
4. Fragrance / film in digital photoframe, 9.2 min / 2010

We want to create a new ecosystem using objects that are common, everyday and banal, in order to evoke discomfort and strangeness by being distorted and transformed. Product of our work are the photos and videos, which serve as documentation of performative practices and specific behaviors. Their function is to introduce systems and substitutes of reality that are staged, executed, and whose material traces than have disappeared. Throught his processes we deprive those objects of desire to possess, and we produce construct meanings and less neurosis.

Substitutes for Present Sense
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