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Antun Božičević

Born in 1970 in Andrijaševci by Vinkovci; graduated painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He resides and works in Zagreb.

He presented his work most completely at the solo exhibition "It's important to participate" at the Gallery Kazamat in Osijek in 2004.

The artist bases his his art practice on the exploration and problematic attitude in the frame of reference to social conventions. In his ambient installations he uses industrial products, low-fidelity technology, recorded and accumulated information, establishing an ironic and cynic relationship with the socially and politically complex situation in everyday life.

We live the life...

       |  installation: photographs, negative
       viewers, sound

The work is composed of 5 photographs digitally converted to negatives and mounted on the 5 negative viewers (dimensions of one negative viewer h = 40, l = 60 and w = 15-30 cm).
Fix the negative viewers at the height of 150 - 200 cm in a row long up to 4 meters.

We drove from Požega to Pakrac, on the road winding through the seemingly untouched landscape. The settlements it used to connect were burned and abandoned long ago. Except for a ruin that shone white here and there in the thicket and speed limit signs, only the signs warning of mine fields alerted us we were passing through them.

After about twenty minutes drive, some hundred meters past the monument to the fallen in the past war there appeared a blue jumbo poster bearing the slogan of a governmental action: "Let's live the life without drugs". What drugs?

We live the life...
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