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Rene Bachrach Krištofić

Rene Bachrach Krištofić graduated painting in 2009 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with prof. Igor Rončević. In addition to painting, he is also working in the design field. In 2012 he participated in Saatchi Online Project "100 Curators 100 Days Collection". For his work, he has been awarded several times. He has participated in a row of exhibitions In Croatia and abroad. He exhibits since 2009.

Utopia 2

       2012 - 2013
       |  acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

The inspiration for the new works comes from two directions. The basic motivation for the creation of these works consisted of the protest against the Government in 2011. in which I've participated. (...) Critical mass is never actually created, and protests in the eyes of the media quickly become yesterday's news. (...) What touched me most was the complete marginalization of individuals and groups who want to achieve change (workers Dioki, RIZ, and LGBT populations). Another source of motivation for the new cycle comes from the contents of a literary work Beauty, namely essays Whatever Happened to Beauty? from the author Kathleen Marie Higgins. Within the aforementioned literary work the author questions what happened to the beauty of using the works of A.C. Danto as her starting point. Analyzing his writings, the author concludes that art?s function as a moral arm is still limited. Analogously, I dare say that activist art has its limitations in the context of real activation of the audience, as the viewers often lose interest quickly and continue on their way.

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