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Marija Ančić

Marija Ančić graduated in 2005 at the department of restoration and conservation at UMAS, Split, where she has later graduated sculpture, and made her master?s degree in the class of prof. Kažimir Hraste. Until now she had three solo exhibitions in Split, Zabok and Zagreb, and the group shows in Croatia and abroad. She is exhibiting since 2009. She lives in Zagreb.


       |  drawing, gif animation
       |  From the series Black Hands

I have been developing my drawing skills since childhood; while I was studying art restauration I was drawing copies of old masters works, and I practiced sketching through my sculpture studies. After that basic art education, I had wanted to distance myself from the traditional art and explore different media, so I worked on a series of video performances, a puppet show, stop motion animation, and some illustrations. (...)

The conditions I am illustrating are cyclical, the fear rises and falls again, and it is repeated again and again, so I find the loop quality of gif a perfect fit for what I am trying to express. I draw and animate a short sequence, a little scary event and loop it so that it goes on in circles. The endless repetition makes it a bit more absurd and less frightening, maybe even funny, because it' so overly dramatic, like the paralyzing fear you feel for one second and then you can laugh about it shortly after.

Naziv rada | Marija Ančić, godina
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